Bill Selway
December 8, 1946 – April 14, 2021
Selway Machine Tool Company

Heaven didn’t know what they were getting Wednesday, April 14, 2021 when Bill Selway walked through the Pearly gates. We imagine he got teary-eyed when he found his mother Margaret, father Roy Selway and brother-in law Eric and his friends. He probably had them laughing in seconds and organized a party. But Kathryn Steinberg, his mother-in-law, would be wary of Bill’s tricks. Bill was a prankster. He hooked mannequin hands on the back belt of wife Kate’s coat during mall shopping, set all the alarm clocks in Macy’s electronics to go off at different times and his scary Thor mask popped up at kitchen windows or in the dark on the way to the Mohr Mansion.

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If you feel inclined, instead of flowers or food, please consider donating to Bill’s beloved alma mater Salesian High School to give scholarships to students so they can share the experience he cherished: or to the Salesian Boys & Girls Club: