CNC Lathe Training: A Huge Success!

July 06, 2017 10:56 AM | Anonymous

By all accounts, from SFBA NTMA Members and their employees, the 2-day training in April were a huge success. The trainings were available to SFBA NTMA Members and their employees at no charge at Chabot College, Ashley Long, instructor.

The course included Basic Introduction to Programming, Manual Tool Offsets, VDI and BOT Tooling, with hands-on production tasks. The class was designed for NTMA members’ employees who were interested in learning fundamentals to enhance the skills they have acquired on the job. 

“Employees who attend classes to upgrade their skills, truly shows who is going to shape the future of a company” says Mike Appio, the instructor and Department Head of Design & Manufacturing Technologies at DeAnza College. The class attendees included business owners and employees of many different skill levels. 

The point of the classes was to provide free training. However, if you ask anyone who attended the classes, there was plenty of time to network with people from other companies and people from their own company from different manufacturing areas. Several attendees expressed that the classes were too short. Talking shop and the exchange of ideas and best practices was an added bonus for participants. 

The next class “Basic inspection and maintenance of way lube pump, tank and verification of lubrication operation,” will benefit employees by 

demonstrating how regular machine maintenance improves productivity and profits. 

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